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20/11/2015 · I tried playing as Gaige when BL2 first came out, and the deathtrap had a lot of bugs, which made it not so enjoyable. I’ve played through all three playthroughs as Axton, and I really like being able to deploy something that also deals damage, and works as a distraction. While Deathtrap is active, if you or Deathtrap kill an enemy it increases Deathtrap's duration by 5 seconds and grants both of you a 4% stackable melee damage bonus. Bonuses are lost when Deathtrap.

Deathtrap is the science project-turned bodyguard of the Mechromancer class, Gaige. Formerly called "D374-TP" before completion, it is now affectionately called "DT" or "Deathtrap" by Gaige, its creator. Gaige's skill, "Summon Deathtrap," summons Deathtrap to fight for her. Deathtrap's main. 04/10/2015 · Here's 10 things you might not know about Deathtrap. If you enjoyed the video, then be sure to leave a "Like"; Follow Me: /Joltzdude139. Borderlands 2 gaige deathtrap build. I know that if you have to explain a joke its aleady a failure but this weekend my friend tina was playing junkrat while i was working to win me some lootboxes. If an engineer decides or is forced to fight expect it to be awesome.

09/09/2018 · Personally I prefer playing Anarchyuseful Death Trap builds, and am not a great fan of shock builds, especially the super Lame & Lazy ShamFleet builds. My Gaiges generally have builds like this with some variances. Borderlands 2 Character Build BFF Mechromancer. So with the release of the ‘Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC, I thought I would give you guys my take on the Mechromancer builds.

This has been perhaps one of the most difficult builds to settle upon: The Best Solo Build for Mechromancer. Why? Because the Mechromancer class just has so many great skills that you have to neglect points in a couple of spots in order to reach others. Gaige is a Mechromancer. She is the fifth playable class in Borderlands 2, first revealed at PAX East 2012. Gaige was added as post-release downloadable content released on October 9, 2012 for$9.99 USD/ 800 Microsoft points/$14.40 AUS. Those who pre-ordered Borderlands 2 received the character. 22/06/2014 · This guide series will have a build-centric focus. That is to say, I am going to provide specific build advice to help you through the leveling process, and as such levels will be more important than your actual story progress. Gaige is very powerful when played properly, and her damage scaling is. 15/03/2017 · Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Gaige Builds Guide – Best Friends Forever, Little Big Trouble, Ordered Chaos. as her all-time best friend Deathtrap not only gives her a unique twist,. This guide gives you some suggestions on how to build the Mechromancer in various ways.

27/06/2013 · The Mechromancer's action skill is deploying a giant killer robot named D347-TP, or more easily spelled, Death Trap. Death Trap can act as a tank, drawing enemy fire away from Gaige, a laser firing shock trooper, or a spinning machine of death, depending on the skill tree you put points into. This build will give you the basics of each ability, without delving into the depths of each tree. You'll be able to use each of Deathtrap's essential abilities and dole out some elemental damage, but your overall build will lack any one specific focus.

Gaige Klasse Mechromancer Geschlecht Weiblich Rasse Mensch Fraktion Kammer-Jäger Ort Pandora Spiel Borderlands 2 Erster Auftritt Borderlands 2 1. DLC Synchronisiert von Rieke Werner Skins an Gaige ist ein Mechromancer. Sie wird die Fünfte spielbare Klasse in. I've seen quite a few different builds for a Gaige DeathTrap build but most of them seem to try to make him look like a bad than caring about his skills. Here are my questions 1 What is a good way to build DeathTrap? I had planned on using this Gaige as a bit of a lazy build so that I could throw out DeathTrap and watch him annihilate things.

Anarchy is a tier 1 skill in Gaige's Ordered Chaos skill tree. With it, Gaige improves her damage but lowers her accuracy each time she kills an opponent or completely empties and reloads a magazine with her weapon. Anarchy only has one skill point; with it, Gaige gains an Anarchy stack whenever. Deathtrap abilities to avoid in Mechromancer build?? [Discussion] I'm working on a mechromancer and am not the most knowledgeable about it. I'm investing in anarchy and deathtrap. Note that Deathtrap's damage scaling is broken on pc/mac. so it does pretty good damage in the early levels, but not in the late game. Borderlands 2 Character Build Mechromancer. So the Borderlands 2 Mechromancer just came out today, and literally everyone is playing as her. I mean, why not, she has an OP pet that’s floating Death. Why is Anarchy essential in a Mechromancer build? self.Borderlands. Before that, you can run pretty much anything. After that, deathtrap becomes just a meat shield due to scaling, and her LBT tree has some major issues with damage against enemies due to elemental damage falling off in late levels. That being said, this build covers basically all of Gaige's good skills, and leaves 6 points left over for you to do with as you please. Consider: Putting 2 more points into the Ordered Chaos tree and then getting With Claws for a quick melee range health restore. Put points into Annoyed Android so Deathtrap can come to you faster for Buck Up.

Mechromancer builds? I'm looking for offensive Deathtrap builds. I've been going down the middle tree can't recall the name. Is it a good idea to re-spec to another tree or put a few skills in another tree? 4 comments. share. save hide report. 67% Upvoted. Hey guys first off I'm only lvl 31atm. I wanted to know what's considered the best build for the mechromancer and what are the best gear setups? Any info towards understanding end game content is also much appreciated as I have a very noobish understanding so far. 05/05/2019 · Close Enough 1 5 Your bullets that hit walls or other objects have a chance to ricochet off toward a nearby enemy. Ricocheted bullets deal reduced damage. Cooking Up Trouble 1 5 While your gun's Magazine is full you Regenerate Health. The Better Half. UVHM Mechromancer build; User Info: DarthPwnage. DarthPwnage 6 years ago 1. because of alot of the skills. sharing and caring go for like flame of fire hawk with a high delay when you summon death trap and than use a grounded black hole and you should survive and have fun with it. Category page for Gaige Character Builds. Please note that builds are not articles a must therefore be a subpage of user namespace a talkpage available to UCs also a forum A template may be available shortly after release date. Until then please use.txt notation and/or tables.

Gaige Mechromancer Solo Leveling Build? User Info: replicant. replicant 6 years ago 1. Upshot Robot makes sure Deathtrap's meleeAnd yours, especially if you have With Claws keeps growing as you and him get kills, along with the increased duration. Anything I didn't fill out completely is up to you. 02/08/2019 · Touted as the most user-friendly character of the Borderlands 2 bunch by many, levelingas Gaige is often seen as the easiest way to get a character at level 72 in the game with the least amount of stress possible. That being said, her trees can still be a little difficult to understand. Getting the. Borderlands 2 \m/ Time to kick some ass as the Mechromancer, I'm attempting the Ordered Chaos build which is known for being one of the most powerful bui.

Mechromancer is the worst class for True Vault Hunter Mode? I literally losing my mind and I never though I could be salty in Borderlands. Yesterday and today I realize my Death-Trap can't kill even a single guy in combat, he is casting shield on enemy and try to burn me with his laser LOL. Seriously, my favorite game of all time and anything that adds a little more Borderlands to my Fallout makes me happy. And for some backwards reason I just now, years after I first played FO4, realized I can actually build Deathtrap thanks to Automatron. So I've got most of the mods that will let me get close to running as Gaige.

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