Lime Crime is a brand known for their revolutionary makeup and unique products. One look at the founder and creator, Doe Deere, will inform you that this is not an ordinary makeup company. She boasts her own personal style with grace and she marches to the beat of her own drum. Her makeup brand reflects herself. In a recent interview with the Middle Eastern magazine known as Savoir Flair, Deere states that doing her own makeup is her favorite part of the morning. It allows her to be herself and enjoy quiet time with herself. This interview showed a relatable and normal side of the CEO. Many men and women are busy with life, whether that may be going to a corporate job, being a parent, or going to school. But, regardless of how busy they may be, it is important to have time to themselves. Time to put on makeup or style their hair. Deere emphasizes in the interview that she loves morning time because she can spend time with herself. She hopes people can use her makeup products to feel more confident and beautiful, regardless of gender. That is why Lime Crime has a plethora of choices for customers. With over 80 different lip products, everyone is bound to find a product they love. There are shades that suit every skin color, and there are shades for every occasion. From everyday nudes to bold reds to out-of-this-world greens, there’s a shade for everyone. Aligning with her personal values, Deere promotes her products as cruelty-free. This is a huge selling point for many customers, and it makes the company much more appealing. Another unique facet of the makeup company is its selling platform. Lime Crime started in 2008 as an online-exclusive company. After the crazy success of Unicorn Lipsticks and Velvetines, the company started selling in stores several years after its founding. Overall, Lime Crime is a makeup brand that is known for making the Internet go crazy. The Velvetines pioneered the liquid lipstick craze that is still popular today, and their unique lipsticks are sought after by makeup lovers. Doe Deere states on the Lime Crime website that she “‘makes makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you.’”, and the work she has done as CEO has accomplished this.