Sheriff departments throughout the U.S. have written extensive and wonderful reviews about Securus Technologies. These sheriff departments are particularly happy about the LBS feature that comes along with any package from Securus Technologies. LBS is a pinpointer for any cell phone user. Once a threat is made or talk of illegal activity, the sheriff’s office can use LBS to find the cell phone user.


Sheriffs are thankful for this technology. They say it is like a breath of fresh air due to all the technological gadgets on the market today. Many sheriffs have described past incidences. During these incidences, the cellphone user used software to either blocked their number or have their number set to a location in another state. Sheriffs believe these are crimes that are unsolved, which means the criminals are still out there.

Since using LBS, sheriffs have arrested thousands of people. Most of these arrests pertained to crime planned in the prison with the help of a visitor, whether that would be delivering contraband or helping a prisoner escape.


Holding cell monitoring, which was created by Securus Technologies, is another big help to the Sheriff’s office. Sheriffs can hear any loudness that is going on within the holding cell while inmates wait their turn in court. This loudness comes through an earpiece a sheriff would wear while in court. Sheriffs love this new technology because it ensures judges that court proceedings will not slow down.


Since holding cell monitoring was instituted in courthouses all around the U.S., court proceedings have gone quicker, and there has been much less violence coming from inmates waiting their turn in court. When an inmate chooses to be violent, the holding cell monitoring assists prosecutors with pressing charges against the guilty party. Securus Technologies plans to advance the holding cell monitoring technology in the coming months.