OSI is a leader in food manufacturing that continues to push for growth, diversity and opportunity. David McDonald has led the charge to expand OSI Group’s influence around the world. The company acquired Baho Foods, which is a European food supplier. Baho Foods has been in business for roughly 60 years. The company has established itself as a respected manufacturer in the region. OSI Group is counting on this relationship to strengthen its presence in the European realm and help the company continue to reach new markets.

OSI Group has turned misfortune into opportunity for others. David McDonald oversaw the acquisition of Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods is a Chicago area food manufacturer that was looking to close for business indefinitely. It was estimated that up to four or five hundred workers would lose their jobs if Tyson went out of business. McDonald completed the acquisition and kept hundreds of employees in a working status.

Flagship Food Group has been another key acquisition for OSI Group. David McDonald is excited about the prospect of working with another well respected European food manufacturer. Flagship Food Group specializes in mayonnaise, serving sauces and has also made key acquisitions of its own in order to push for growth.

David McDonald has made the kind of decisions that keep OSI Group on the cutting edge of operational quality. He decided to reorganize the management structure in the China region. A traveling team of experts is now in charge of holding all departments of the OSI Group structure to a high level of standard. Leaders in each region will be thoroughly evaluated to make sure that they are living up to organizational readiness.

David McDonald is a native Iowa. He attended Iowa State University where he studied animal science and received a bachelor’s degree in the subject. McDonald was hired on at OSI Group and has remained with the company throughout his career. He has since moved up to the top executive position and continues to instill the principles that OSI Group has practiced for many decades.

OSI Group began as a family-owned organization in the early 1900s. It is an example of the American dream. OSI was founded by an immigrant from Germany. Otto Kolschosky opened a meat market that eventually grew into a major distributor of product throughout the Chicago region. His company developed a working relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation in the 1950s. From their Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group and grew to international success.