Dr. Mark McKenna was asked in an interview what it is that he does to help himself become better, one strategy that he has used to help grow his business. This man is someone who is a successful individual and he is someone who is smart, but he had a surprising answer to share when it came to this question. Dr. Mark McKenna shared that he tries to surround himself with people who are smarter than he is. He is someone who has a lot of knowledge on a variety of topics, but he has found that one of the best ways of becoming a better person and being more successful with his business is by surrounding himself with those who know more than he does.

When Dr. Mark McKenna was asked about something that he wishes that he could change about his past and the way that he got to the point that he is at now, he shared that he wishes he would have found his passion at a younger age. There are people who spend their whole lives trying to figure out what they are meant to do, and then there are some who know what they are supposed to do right away. Dr. Mark McKenna wishes that he would have been the kind of person who would have chased after his dream from a younger age and more

Dr. Mark McKenna has made a name for himself not only as a doctor but also as a businessman. He is someone who is licensed to practice medicine in the states of Florida and Georgia, but he is also the founder and CEO of OVME. He is working on changing the way that elective healthcare works through his business and the things that he does with it. He would like to change the world of medicine for the better.