According to, Jewish investor and philanthropist George Soros is worth more than $25 billion. The self-made billionaire made his fortune managing other people’s investments. In the wake of the Nazi invasion, George Soros fled Hungary through the aid of false identities that was procured by his father. George took himself through college and is an alumnus of the prestigious London School of Economics. According to Forbes, he tried his hand at odd jobs so that he could pay his tuition at in college. After college, he felt need to move to New York where his career in hedge fund took root.

He started off on Wall Street with his hedge fund in the year 1969 with over $12 million under his management. His hedge fund was later given a new identity and called Quantum Fund. In the year 1992, he made a fortune by shorting the British Pound. This act made him famous, and he attracted the moniker “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

Presently, Soros is one of the most influential investors on Wall Street. Through his investment management firm, Soros Fund Management, he is the custodian of over $30 billion in assets. Apart from being an investment heavyweight, George Soros is actively involved with the political happenings in the world. He is a staunch critic of President Donald Trump.

According to CNBC, Soros thinks that Donald Trump is a would-be-dictator who will not last in the American Presidency. In the wake of the 2016 general election, he spent a handsome $13 million in campaign funds to support Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. This money was less than the amount Soros had spent in to oppose the re-election of George Bush in the year 2004. It is evident that he spends a lot of money in helping to re-align political leadership in countries across the world. He is very passionate about causes that seek to solve social injustices and some of the problems that have affected humanity from time to time.

Soros has written several books that help inspire the new generation of billionaires. The books also provide a glimpse into his values and ideas. At a young age, George discovered the power of money, how it made economies run and how it was responsible for modern day civilizations. In his wisdom, he decided to work hard so that he could earn a fortune and later use it to transform societies. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Through his Open Society Foundations that borrow from the concepts of Karl Propper, George Soros can disseminate over $300 million yearly in funds to support charitable courses. After the presidential victory of Donald Trump, the foundations set up a $10 million kitty that was meant to help communities which would be victims of the “hateful acts” triggered by the Trump agenda.

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