Brand positioning is an essential element in marketing. The aim of brand positioning is achieving a viable market niche in the industry. Effective brand positioning highly contributes to brand growth.

Most companies invest in effective brand positioning with the aim of growing the business. One such company is the Dubai-based property firm called DamacGroup. The Hussain Sajwani family owned business is continuously making headlines in the luxury property industry. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes and DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National


Established in 2002 by Mr. Hussain Sajwani, DamacGroup executes a remarkable growth in stature. It is one of the top ranking luxury properties providers in Dubai. It has an employee base of approximately 2,000.

During its establishment, the first six months had the business selling at a high demand. DamacGroup specializes in luxurious properties. One of its luxurious projects is the Donald Trump Golf Course. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Tiger Woods designed it under the instruction of Hussain Sajwani. Hussain’s success as a property developer continues to see him earn recognition from high profile individual like the serving president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump.


It is because of his high profile associates that DamacGroup keeps raising on the ladders of the luxurious property developer. In this context, Hussain Sajwani has created an established entrepreneurial network for his businesses. Currently, he plans to list DamacGroup in the local purchasing order of the London Stock Exchange.

He is also working on expanding DamacGroup through its affiliates. To be able to navigate the property markets in Dubai, DamacGroup under the insightful leadership of Hussain Sajwani has opted for a competitive market niche in addition to captivating and enticing networks. His association with Donald Trump as well as shrewd managers in the financial sector is aimed at cutting the costs associated with managing the business.


Initially, the Damac owner was the proprietor of a food company. Hussain Sajwani included the company to the group of businesses at DamacGroup. Apart from being a visionary entrepreneur, Sajwani is a philanthropist.

His interaction with high profile people makes him in a better position to help the less fortunate in the society. He does this by offering free catering services to the less fortunate in the community. He also makes donations to the same people through organizations that are committed to charity.