José Borghi is Mullen Lowe’s founder and co-CEO. He heads the most noted marketing firms in the field of commercial publishing. Mr. Borghi is a highly accomplished designer of promotions in the Brazilian advertisement community. José’s ambition started back when he was enrolled in high school, at a time when he was largely unsure of the vocation that he would explore. However, at that time, ability and destiny conspired to steer his direction. José’s sister came to him and asked that he join her at a show that was being presented at the Castro Neves Theater. That ceremony exhibited the prizes earned at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The awards were in the shape of lions. Those golden lion effigies fascinated José, and his direction from that moment forward was obvious. José would endeavor to earn one of those lion shaped awards himself, by becoming an extremely imaginative advertiser.

José’s birthplace is in PresidentePrudente, and he graduated from the PUC. Here, he graduated with honors in Propaganda and Advertising. He started his professional endeavors at the celebrated Standart Ogilvy agency in 1989. José’ was extremely successful during his employment at the agency, to such a degree that he felt confident enough to create his own corporation with Erh Ray as his partner in the new business venture. They created the corporation BorghiErh. There, they were so prosperous, that in only a few years the business was acquired by Lowe in 2006. The name was then altered to Borghi Lowe.

The organization has become renowned across domestic markets as well as international. They combined their group with Mullen and altered the company name to Mullen Lowe Brazil. It is here that José Borghi functions in the role of the co-CEO, with André Gomes.

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