Darius Fisher recently underwent an extensive interview on the Daniel Budzinski podcast. The podcast was named “Finding Peace and Practicing Gratitude.”


Darius digital marketing and communications expert that is currently the President of Status Labs. The company is a reputation management company that handles over 1500 companies around the world. After achieving a spot in the Fortune 500 list, his company expanded internationally to Latin America, Europe and Asia. He also has economic ties to CrowdOptic, The Zebra, Les Trois Petits Cochons and Sozo. He has achieve all of this despite his young age of just 31 years old.


During the interview, Darius attributes his success by the fact that education was a top priority during his upbringing. He gave it his best during primary school and was very involved with extracurricular activities. After leaving college, he moved to California to launch his entrepreneurial life.


He is heavily involved with his new reputation management company, which he claims is the newest and most important wing of the PR industry. He says that Internet reviews and articles hold more value to a company’s reputation than it ever did in the past. His company handles every aspect of online PR, including news articles, social media and consumer reviews.


During high school and College, he had many side hustles including selling fake identification to peers and reselling furniture on Craiglist. Although he had some experience hustling. he initially left college without any idea what sort of business he would like get into. He was employed in a sales position in California, in which he got fed up and quit. By a stroke of luck, he met somebody during a social gathering that was offering an internship in political consulting.


After working on various political campaign projects, Darius felt confident enough to get into his own marketing business. He also had the benefit of gaining contacts within the communications industry. He noticed a niche of older, technology illiterate individuals that needed help with online reputation. Many high profile business executives have went through publicity crisis during their careers, and Darius used his Internet expertise to mitigate the bad publicity.