Exciting, trendy and against the grain. That’s what you’ll discover with the unique cosmetic line known as Lime Crime. Even the name is sassy and unique. Founded in 2008 by eccentric CEO Doe Deere with the vision of creating a colorful and glittery radical makeup product. In 2012 Lime Crime launched Velvetines, soon after the popularity and market craze over liquid lipsticks skyrocketed.

Doe Deere’s pioneering spirit lead her to introducing the Unicorn Hair line. A cruelty free and vegan hair dye that has introduced wild and bright hair colors to the world population that have never been seen before, including neon blue, seafoam green and pastel pink. Lime Crime has become more than just another popular and innovative makeup line, it is a cult brand with a hungry market of followers Doe refers to as her “Unicorns”.

In a recent interview with Savoir Flair, an online digital fashion magazine covering the Middle East region. Doe went through her morning wake up and makeup routine with the digital magazine.

She begins her day only after making certain she had 9 hours sleep and begins with a healthy hydration habit with a tall glass of water upon rising. Hydration is an essential key to optimal health for Doe. After her morning water she has a morning stretching routine then enjoys breakfast in her kitchen where she can look out her window and contemplate the upcoming day.

After breakfast it’s makeup and grooming time. One of her favorite rituals for getting pretty time is to have her favorite music playing during her morning transformation. For this interview, Doe music of choice was a retro Beatles album.

Doe Deere begins her makeup process with a good facial wash and moisturizing base, then applies her foundation. At the time of the interview Doe is using either L’Oreal or MAC’s foundation but promises her customers she is currently working on introducing a Lime Crime foundation and her Unicorns can expect to see it on the market soon!

Her morning makeover is completed by setting her makeup with powder, filling in her brows then moving on to her favorite part, lipstick and blush where she prefers to use vibrant colors like pinks and reds, from the Matte Velvetine line, to bring her face to life.

The CEO’s business day begins around noon at the Lime Crime office headquarters. This is where Deere controls the cult favorite makeup line. Making certain that the company maintains the leadership status it has acquired within the social and digital space. Setting trends that have taken the internet by storm along with high quality and performance standards. Determined to shake things up even more in the future than they already have in their short yet radical past.

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