Growing up in Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania, Michael Zomber developed a deep interest in American history. As a young adult, he completed degrees in English Literature from respectable institutions of higher education such as UCLA and Villanova University. Such academic achievements surely helped him to become an author later on in life. However, it was Zomber’s passion for firearms that eventually took over his life.

After graduating from college, he did not rush to immediately pursue some sort of career that is related to literature. Instead, Zomber began collecting various types of antique firearms from all over the globe. His worldwide quest for unique weapons took him to museums, galleries and other cultural entities. Eventually, Zomber acquired a diverse collection of weapons from different time periods and geographic locations. For example, he owns an impressive collection of Samurai swords and other accessories that were once part of the diverse arsenal of Japan’s honorable warriors. Zomber is also a self-proclaimed expert on Islamic weapons. Of course, his biggest passion has always been collecting antique American firearms. Zomber is absolutely thrilled to own a weapon that was once in the personal collection of the iconic general George Washington. Additionally, Zomber has even managed to acquire some weapons that belonged to Simon Bolivar, a famous revolutionary leader in South America.

Michael Zomber was featured in several History Channel programs about weapons. The producers at the A&E network were glad to invite this gun guru. Automatic Pistols, Guns of the Famous and Dueling Pistols are some of the shows that featured Zomber. After getting plenty of experience in the TV industry, he decided to pursue his own independent projects in multimedia production. With some help from his beloved wife, Zomber founded Renascent Films.

Michael Zomber also has something to offer for history buffs in the United States. Sweet Betsy That’s Me and A Son of Kentucky are Civil War-themed novels that are in his portfolio as an author.