Swiss Startup Factory co-founder Mike Baur is a Swiss banker, a businessman, and an entrepreneur. Not yet 40 at press time, he has already acquired more than 20 years of work experience in the field of private Swiss banking. He is additionally working with one of Switzerland’s most well-known private banking institutions.


Baur’s Professional Resume

Baur’s working resume reveals that he has actually garnered working experience in numerous fields. Baur was previously the chief executive officer (CEO) of a firm known as ScanSource, Inc. He co-launched the Swiss Startup Factory along with his anonymous partner in 2014. Based in the city of Zurich, the Swiss Startup Factory is at present one of the nation’s largest privately-funded ICT start-up businesses.


The Swiss Startup Factory Program

Baur and his employees currently provide their clientele with a specific program that was designed for hopeful entrepreneurs who do not have any investors. His company can actually provide future business owners a number of ways for finding financial sponsors. Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is reported to have a significant network of individual, international investors.


Baur has previously told reporters that his firm gives customers a three-month, objective method for people with inventive ideas and various startup business ventures. This method also both educates and directs hopeful, inexperienced budding entrepreneurs in order that they might someday find their own international ventures. Along with coaching and mentoring, Baur and his staff provide such assistance as locating offices in Zurich. They also assist their clientele in constructing and growing their own professional network. The end result of Baur’s program is to help various burgeoning businesses to blossom and reach their individual goals.


Bauer’s Education And Background

Even as a young adolescent Bauer has had an obsession with accounting and finance. Throughout his high school years those interests grew and even after earning an undergrad degree he still went on to get an MBA from the Berne University of Business. He scored another MBA from the Rochester University prior to entering the workforce.


His real-world experience has also added to his know-how and continues to fuel his desire for the field. Currently, Mike Baur currently remains on top of any and all news having to do with the subject of accounting, consultation, and financing. Nevertheless, he has additional interests too. He is especially interested in helping the young people of his Friborg community.