Omar Boraie is a real estate developer who has done an enormous amount of good in the northern New Jersey area. Boraie, though his company Boraie Development, has worked on numerous projects in the Garden State.

The effects on downtown New Brunswick have been tremendous thanks to all the work Omar Boraie has performed in the region. Work on a high-rise project known as The Aspire definitely has captured the attention of those who follow real estate. The project is a luxurious one located in a very convenient location with very easy access to the train station. Those who work in Princeton or Manhattan are sure to appreciated the easy access.

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And then there is the College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative, a fantastic project designed to give the scenery around Rutgers University a boost. Commerce in the region is sure to gain an incredible boost as well. The project on entails building a massive new $300 million quad. The university absolutely will benefit from the creation of the new quad. So will those living in the vicinity of the university. Any massive real estate and construction project of this nature helps the local economy immensely.

Omar Boraie and Boraie Development seem to be in the news a lot. The significant number of projects undertaken by the company has allowed Boraie Development to gain consistent coverage in the news.

Redevelopment and restructuring are complex tasks and Boraie Development works extensively with these types of projects on NYTimes. Boraie Development have even partnered with celebrities to enhance older neighborhoods.

Boraie Development and Omar Boraie is sure to remain in the press for years and years to come.