Ask any parent about their priorities, and they’ll tell you that their children take first place on the long list. Finding quality education for children is essential to their development, but parental involvement and family support are equally important to their success. Traditional public schools often lack the resources and desire to bring parents closer to the classroom. Parents and teachers meet briefly before the start of each school year, and rarely after that. It is difficult to form a bond with someone you’ve never had the chance to get to know.

Rocketship Education, a network of public charter schools, is zoning in on parent-teacher relationships and finding unique ways to help build stronger ones. In Southeast Washington, construction of the areas new Rocketship school has just begun, but that doesn’t stop parents from visiting the facility. Many of the parents whose children will soon begin classes at the new Rocketship school frequent tours of the building to check on the progress of construction, and familiarize themselves with the floor plan of the facility.

In addition to their visits to the facility, parents of all Rocketship Education schools take a less traditional approach to the selection of new educators. While most schools only require prospective teachers to interview with peers and administration, Rocketship also requires them to interview with parents who plan to enroll their children in the school. Their unique process is part of their mission to bring parents and families closer to the classroom.

Founded in 2006, the network opened the first Rocketship school in 2007, in San Jose, California. After receiving a significant amount of praise and support, they quickly expanded, adding six additional schools to their family. Charter schools like Rocketship Education give parents of low income and underprivileged communities the opportunity to receive a quality education, regardless of any circumstance. These type of schools help break the barriers of inequality in the world of education and open doors for students all around the United States.