It should be the goal of the criminal justice system to reduce recidivism once a criminal is behind bars. It may be counter intuitive, but being tough on criminals while they are in prison actually backfires. This kind of treatment increases the risk of the inmate re-offending after being released from prison.


On the other hand, if you allow the prisoner to feel connected to society outside of prison, they are much less likely to commit crime once released. The easiest way to do this is to allow prisoners to contact their loved ones with a telephone call or a video chat. Study after study shows that this simple privilege reduces crime.


But telephone calls can be a powerful tool for criminals. Inmates can call criminal friends on the outside of prison to coordinate criminal activities. People outside of prison can call an inmate to ask them to commit a crime on the inside of the prison. In order to allow abundant communication between inmates and their loved ones, we need an effective tool to pick out phone calls with bad intentions.


Securus has done just that. The technologies company that provides telephone and video chat services to inmates recently innovated the Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search. This software scans every phone call searching for particular vocal signatures.


It also allows law enforcement to gather information on possible criminal activities as well as gather evidence. With such an effective tool separating the good calls from the bad, inmates who truly want to speak to love ones can do so freely. In the end, that makes us all safer.