Sussex Healthcare is headquartered in Sussex. It is a private company that provides support services and care homes to its clients. The company has 20 care homes that offer services to its wide-ranging customer base. Its services revolve around aged people particularly the ones that suffer from mental frailty resulting from Alzheimer’s illness or dementia.

Sussex Healthcare also offers specialized treatment and care for the old people that have difficulties in learning or physical problems such as those that suffer from neurological disabilities. Sussex is prominent for its high-quality services. It has experts and specialists who boast extensive experience in offering health care services.

Sussex has been in the industry for more than twenty years now. Throughout this time, the organization has been giving care services to its elderly customers. It also serves other adults who have health care problems. Sussex amenities are found in the England Southern Coast.

The firm is run by two chairpersons in a joint leadership. The duo, Shafik Sachedina, and Shiraz Boghani have unmatched experience and skills that they employ in building up services of the company. Sachedina has extensive expertise in skilled healthcare service delivery. He has served as a medical surgeon for years. Shiraz has been in the Restaurant industry for decades where he attained extensive expertise in hotel management.

Sussex Healthcare launched its first amenity in the year 1985. It developed over time with continued amenity launching in various places. Presently, Sussex Healthcare boasts 20 fully equipped facilities. The facilities offer services across the nation. It also accommodates patients from other areas around the globe.

Some of the unique amenities that are found in Sussex include full care living rooms, daycare amenity, and the state-of-the-art gymnasium system. All of these amenities are under the Sussex Healthcare management. The company serves patients with limited care needs and the ones that need an extensive care service.

Sussex Healthcare is driven by a belief that every patient deserves persistence access and attendance to activities such as recreational, social and leisure. The healthcare personnel in Sussex believes that every patient has an opportunity to regain their healthy livelihood. They ensure that people who receive treatment within the facilities live lives that are worth spending.

Sussex Healthcare persists in encouraging the people that they attend to daily. They ensure that they lead lives of encouragement. They also offer them programs that help them to remain active throughout the day. They ensure that patient have some leisure time to help them redeem their minds.