The majority of us became aware of Crystal Hunt through her work on the soap operas “One Life To Live” and “Guiding Light”, but the actress and producer has gone on to show there is much more to her career than simply strong soap opera acting. Since leaving “One Life To Live” Crystal Hunt has gone on to become a star of the silver screen and a force to be reckoned with in scripted reality terms; “Magic Mike: XXL” may have launched Hunt into the consciousness of a whole new group of fans, but the reality show “Queens of Drama” has given her a whole new stage to shine on.

It is with “Queens of Drama” that Crystal has been given the chance to bring more of her own personality to the screen than ever before as she plays a version of herself mixed with aspects of the characters she played in daytime soaps. Pushing the limits of her acting skills continues for Hunt as she appears alongside many soap regulars in “Queens of Drama” as she and her fellow actors look to create a new primetime TV drama. Not only does Hunt still have the chance to act onscreen, but she is also given an opportunity to show the production skills she honed as the executive producer of the movie “Talbot County” during the filming of “Queens of Drama”.

As part of her business portfolio Hunt has worked to secure the future of her high end pet boutique that plays a major part in the success she has found away from the screen, as a photographer.