Wes Edens is the real deal when it comes to matters investments. He sees opportunity and grabs it with both hands and works to ensure success. His involvement with Fortress Investment, National Basketball franchise Milwaukee Bucks and the eSport team Flyquest is testimony enough to his entrepreneurial spirit. Wes Eden combines his knowledge in Finance and Bussiness Administration from Oregon state university and actual on-field experience to make the business flourish. In business as in any other field, one starts somewhere. For Wes Eden, his beginnings were with California Loans, Smith Barney Merill, and Merrill Lynch. When the chance presented itself to partner with two other like-minded individuals, they struck a deal and together co-founded Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is a company that manages assets for its clients. The company has a strong client base. Demanding as it may be the employees are set to make the best outcomes for the clients. Employees are proud to be a part of the system of the company as they are compensated well, also the set up of the company is well structured as the maintenance of the core competencies, and it’s a great experience to learn on how to manage assets. Wes Edens and fellow principals have worked to ensure Fortress is the best place to be an employee.

Some Four years ago, another chance presented itself. An opportunity to invest in sport. Being a sports enthusiast the decision was a simple one. Together with Marc Lasry, they bought Milwaukee Bucks, a franchise within the National Basketball Association. The two would then work together in the interest of rebranding and being the best in that stage. Evidently, considerable improvement is seen with the Bucks.

During the rebranding sports, Wes Edens would see an opportunity in eSport. With the introduction of the ‘League of Legends’ and the expression of interest by most team owners within the NBA, eSports is undoubtedly the future. Wes Eden grabbed the opportunity and started his team ‘FlyQuest. A team he is willing to support with every ounce of blood and all the networks he has created over the years. The group hopes to win many championships and build a huge fan base throughout the world. Wes Edens is a family man with a wife and four children. The New Yorker currently holds position 962 on the Forbes list of billionaires. When he is not cutting deals and grabbing opportunities, Wes Edens will be at home with the family.