Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX, is an open market for the sale and trade of digital assets primarily focused on the gaming world. With the rise of cryptocurrency, made more valid by the decentralization of bitcoin, much attention is focused on the gaming market. At present gamers use digital currencies to purchase number of assets in the games they play. Such currency is only valid as a trade medium in the specific game it is designed for. Although gamers technically own the digital assets they purchased they can never get a return of investment. WAX changes that by creating an open market where such assets could be traded or sold by the player that owns them. According to Malcom CasSelle, president of WAX, this is the step that will take the gaming market into the world of cryptocurrency. It will also be the next step in recognizing cryptocurrency as a legitimate medium of exchange.

WAX uses blockchain widgets to create smart lists, which removes the risk of operating in a decentralized network. Since users are free of the threat of fraud, fragmentation, and the restrictions of centralized networks, they have the ability to do more with the assets they own.

In addition to WAX, Malcom CasSelle is also the CIO of OPSkins, a global leader in in-game asset sales as well as the largest bitcoin merchant on earth. CasSelle holds two degrees in computer sciences from MIT and Stanford. He has been involved with the rise of the internet since the early days, co-founding NetNoir in 1995. NetNoir was the first outside firm to be invested with the AOL Greenhouse Program.
Since then CasSelle has been part or numerous web-based investment firms. Acting as vice-president, president, CIO, or CEO for the last two decades. He became CIO of OPSkins in 2017 and president of WAX the same year. In addition to being a part of the bitcoin boom, CasSelle also participated in Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent, which brought him into the gaming world.