Meet Up with Bhanu Choudhrie The CEO of Alpha Aviation Group the Excelling Company in The Aviation Industry

July 26, 2021

Bhanu Choudhrie has been and is still one of the renowned business people in the aviation industry. This is proven by his establishment of Alpha Aviation Group an aviation college that has brought massive and commendable changes in the aviation industry. His love and passion were realized since he was a kid as he always…

Randal Nardone Background

July 23, 2021

Randal Alan Nardone, commonly known as Randy, J.D. has been the CEO of Fortress Investment Group since 2013. He has also co-founded fortress since 1998. Aged 62 years, Randal Nardone has recognition for his prowess and leadership. Here is a background of the successful Randal Nardone. Education Randy, J.D. holds a J.D from Boston University…

Eric Lefkofsky is Using Artificial Intelligence to Address Stroke

July 22, 2021

The use of artificial intelligence in the world today has not been highly incorporated in almost every other industry. There is a perception that artificial intelligence will have some significant impacts in the world and in various sectors. However, the world is lagging behind in the incorporation of such advanced technologies, which is a major…

Abdulla Al Humaidi’s investments and news on Kuwaiti European Holdings

July 22, 2021

Kuwaiti European Holdings is a business company that deals with real estate sectors, leisure, and financial services and was established in 2008 by the family of Kuwaiti, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi being the CEO. The company has offices in Kuwait, Dublin, Dubai, Cairo, Hong Kong and London. Through the help of Abdulla Al Humaidi, the…

How Hauser Insurance in Protecting Businesses against Rogue Insurance Authorities

July 20, 2021

Tax laws have been in the business environment for very many years. This means that there is an expectation that most of the business organizations out there in the industry should always have a detailed understanding of such laws so that they can be ready to meet their requirements. However, this has not always been…

Zilch, the credit master

July 20, 2021

Zilch is a finance organization that came up with a ground breaking financial solution that allows customers to pay for overtime instantly from anywhere. The system works by using an AI and open banking to calculate the affordability of each customer. In order to protect customers from over borrowing, Zilch funds only low value purchases….

Ways to Keep the Entrepreneurial Fire Burning

July 6, 2021

For many entrepreneurs, the excitement about being self-employed and starting their own business is enough to keep them fired up and ready to go. Unfortunately, this dream wears off. Leaving most with empty pockets and no idea of what they will do to earn a living anymore. Many times the reason for this is lack…

Richard Liu Entrepreneurial Skills Propels Him To Global E-Commerce Heights

June 24, 2021

Richard Liu is a global household name for the remarkable performance of his e-commerce businesses. Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder, CEO, and chairman of NASDAQ: JD since its inception. Liu stands out for his commitment to operate a business with integrity and honesty. His dedication has seen it grow from a small shopping bazaars…

Min-Liang Tan Quits His Law Career To Become A Businessman

June 24, 2021

An article entitled “Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan Wants To Nurture Entrepreneurship In Singapore”, talks about Singaporean entrepreneur Min-Liang Tan shares why he left Singapore back in the day, why he decided to return, and what lies ahead for him and Razer. When Min-Liang Tan announced that he’ll quit practicing law, his close associates laughed at…