One of the hardest things to predict is the weather. We oftentimes don’t know what its impact will be, how many can be affected and what it can do to the environment. Squaw Valley recently underwent a storm that no one at the lodge could appropriately predict. While the lodge and various structures were intact from the storm, a water system that was installed last summer became contaminated as a result. While contamination from storms is not unheard of, it is oftentimes unlikely and difficult to foresee.


Fortunately, no patrons who have been active at the lodge post-contamination have been effected by the water. Management at Squaw Valley has ensured the safety of their customers by informing them that under no circumstances should the water be consumed until contamination is dealt with. However, patrons will still have regular access to the facilities. Squaw Valley has provided free bottles of drinking water to its patrons instead as a courtesy, and will continue to do so until the issue is resolved.


During this time, Squaw Valley has acted to ensure that the contamination issue is being dealt with properly and thus has made significant leaps in progress due to a speedy response by management. Consultation with water experts has vastly improved the recovery process, and their knowledge combined with the assistance from Placer Country Environmental Health has bolstered their attempts at resolving the issue within a reasonable period.


Squaw Valley believes that their customers’ safety is of utmost importance, and will not re-open access to water until all traces of contamination have been removed from the water supply. Management has and will remain vigilant to ensure that their customers can resume enjoying access to the facilities, and that they will be prepared for any similar events in the future.