About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. He attended the University College Oxford, University College London and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He moved to Israel in 1989 where he served at the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in their international law division as a reserve officer and a combat medic. In 1991 Mr. Taub started working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry where he held many legal and diplomatic posts.


Daniel Taub’s Life and Career


In 2011 to 2015 Daniel Taub was the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. He even met the queen and presented his credentials from the Governor of Jerusalem which declared him as the newly elected ambassador of the state of Israel to the Court of St. James’s. Moreover, Daniel Taub is staunch Orthodox Jew which could be depicted from his attires during his visit to her majesty the queen. He wore his tailcoat, striped trousers and shiny black shoes complete with a badge of office the’ Kippah’ which is a cap made of cloth that is worn by Jews.


During his tenure of four years, the trade between the U.K. and Israel doubled thus boosting economic growth. The Israeli embassy also reported the significant deepening of other factors between the two countries including business, academic and cultural links. Again, Sajid Javid who is the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills stated that the two countries had entered a ‘golden era’. Additionally, the Israel-Britain chamber of commerce reported that more than 300 Israeli businesses had already set up business operations in the UK hence adding to the bilateral trade to almost $7billion.


Equally important, Daniel Taub is an expert of the international law who specializes in counter-terrorism and the laws of war. Consequently, he served as the deputy legal adviser in Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs. This is where he helped give legal advice on Israel’s missions to other Countries such as United Nations in Newyork and Geneva and also participated in many of the multilateral forums and conferences.


Notably, Daniel Taub was the key negotiator between the Israeli -Palestinian peace processes and participated in negotiations between Israel –Syrian. Further, Mr. Taub wears many hats whereby he is also a public speaker and a lecturer in international law and negotiation theory. In addition, the diplomat has been widely interviewed by some of the popular media houses including CNN, Newsnight, BBC among others. Learn more: https://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/features/farewell-mr-ambassador-interview-with-daniel-taub-1.67939