Betsy Devos remarked on the Trump’s recent donation to reforming education for America’s students. Further, she expressed gratitude in how the benefits centered on the department’s efforts which inspire students to explore math, science, technology, and engineering.



Devos’ heartfelt belief remains that no matter their Postal code; each child should have access to top quality education. What’s more, the DeVos family’s philanthropic organizations are all coordinated to provide common support, even to the poorest residents in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



As well, their five foundations which focused its donations mainly to West Michigan, the Devos family came forth in disclosing the bases’ giving strategies:



  • Expanding influence by board service and other associations
  • Supplying considered recommendation to institutions getting money
  • Supplementing extra donations by peer pressure or coordinated giving among the family foundations


However, as each family foundation continued by example in organizing the families giving, the Grand Rapids Public schools received a donation more than $2.5 million, as was reported by the district’s Communications Manager John Helmholt. These proceeds were used to improve leadership, educator training, and instructor evaluation.



Also, the funding was given credit for lessening continued absenteeism and the increase of minority graduation scopes. Further, the Devos families are confident how developing public schools is vital to the community’s quality of life as a whole.



Betsy DeVos’ goal from the get-go included that no child should be overlooked or left behind. She has guided the American Federation for Children, and Mrs. DeVos is also chairwoman of The Philanthropy Roundtable. In addition, she is active in her community and holding the political position – Secretary of Education in the Trump administration.



Yes, she and her family have contributed much to Republican campaigns, but her governmental efforts are aimed at boosting educational choices. Betsy’s federal position is about overseeing that American children get civil rights protection. Further, children can carry public dollars to private and church schools. I see this as outstanding for expanding on school vouchers.



As a graduate of Holland Christian School, DeVos is a school-voucher supporter. Another fact, she is an experiential education reformer capable of bringing the outsider’s perspective. Being a conservative, Betsy realizes how necessary it is to limit Washington’s role in the teaching profession.



However, as the Department of Education works with Congress, Mrs. DeVos will provide her agenda for supporting a range of school choices for all children. Above all, the DeVoses rank high with other influential conservatives who have funded many foundations.


Betsy DeVos’ personal philanthropic deeds include co-chairing with husband, Dick DeVos at the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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