Mike Baur is one hell of a man. The brilliant mind from Switzerland has made a career out of engineering startups, the kind of knowledge that has inspired many people in the region to greatness. Baur, a ‘now guy,’ believes that the time to change the world is now, and that is why he works so hard to see to it that the significant transformations get realized soon.


Baur, one of the founders of the Swiss Startup Association, believes that all the successful entrepreneurs in the world started from somewhere, by making ideas work for them. The man behind Swiss Startup also believes that businesses thrive only when they get created from a series of spontaneous ideas. In short, you do not have to overburden yourself with the thought of an idea since the best concepts come out of the blues.


To reap big, you have to make your idea work for others. The best way of doing so is by creating products and services that solve all existing gaps. Unfortunately, many people leave their ideas to go to waste and that is why they hardly amount to anything. Living in fear alone cannot help you. Therefore, you need to conduct a pilot study to ascertain if your approach works or not.


Mike Baur, having been in the market for longer, knows that you cannot succeed if fear is your portion. Overcoming your fears helps keep the naysayers at bay, and that is the only point in time when you are able to exploit your ideas to the fullest. Fear, like I said, is the greatest setback to your success. Laying it all in public helps give you feedback that converts. Thus, you should always share your ideas with others for you to come up with robust products and services.


You are prone to fail in your undertakings. However, you gain when you pick up the pieces and adjust your strategy based on the lessons learned. In a nutshell, perseverance and courage are two elements that motivate you to be great. Baur’s sentiments get seconded by his longtime friend and business partner, Max Meister.


The duo which runs the Swiss Startup factory, has used its enormous resources to support budding entrepreneurs anticipating a breakthrough in their endeavors. They have gone ahead to mentor several people into entrepreneurship, and that is why Switzerland is the real titan in the global financial race. Hence, it is beyond doubt that Mike Baur is the go-to-guy on matters, startups.