Helane Morrison is a Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners, LLC, an investment advisory and wealth management firm in San Francisco. A big part of her job is to not only make sure that client funds are placed in proven investment pools, but also to make sure the firm itself is abiding by all applicable laws and ethics. Hall Capital has already been revolutionizing the workplace by having female executives, including Morrison run the operation. Diversity in management is highly valued at Hall Capital, but they want more than that. Morrison is helping Hall Capital become the place that everyday Americans can go to and say that their money is in good hands.

Morrison has spent much of her life fighting against bad ethical practices that hedge fund manager and some other wealth management companies have engaged in over the years. Indeed, many middle class Americans have been taken advantage of over the years by bad actors like Bernie Madoff, but people like Helane Morrison have been working to bring people like that to justice and make sure people do not get defrauded like that again. Morrison has had an illustrious career in law, writing articles for the California Law Journal at Berkeley, and clerking both at the Seventh Circuit of the US Court Of Appeals for Richard Posner, and at the US Supreme Court for Justice Harry Blackmun.

As a lawyer for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, Morrison helped clients win civil cases, and prosecute criminals who had committed fraud. She became very good at uncovering corruption in the financial industry that the SEC hired her to head up the Pacific Northwest enforcement division. During that time, she brought down several big firms that had been embezzling and laundering money for years without getting caught. While Helane Morrison was pleased with the work she was doing in fighting predatory financial firms, she wanted to bring back the good to the financial industry.

In 2007, Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners to make the firm one of San Francisco’s leading financial giants. In fact, Hall Capital was recently awarded Best of the Decade External Chief Investment Officer and is currently responsible for over $28 billion in assets.