As a businessman with a passion for helping others, Kevin Seawright leads a company that facilitates homeownership in the city of Baltimore.

He is the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner of RPS Solutions LLC (Real Property Solutions) which has a goal of dramatically boosting the rate of homeownership in Baltimore. Seawright has said that the present level of homeownership in that city is 48.3%. Their goal is to boost that up to 66%.

Homeownership comes with a number of great benefits. Kevin Seawright says that the first positive is that people own their home and begin to increase their net worth as they pay off the home and gain equity.

The other big benefit, he says, is that people who own homes put down roots and have pride in their homes and neighborhoods. This leads to safer, cleaner communities with a sense of belonging. Read more: Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home

Seawright comes from a long history of public service. He worked for the government of Baltimore for several years. He first started working for the city in January 2001 when he was hired as the Managing Fiscal Officer for the city.

After a year he was promoted to Payroll Director where he managed an annual budget of $50 million. Up through the middle of 2011 he worked in a variety of capacities for the city including holding positions such as Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

In March 2011, Kevin Seawright joined a privately held company, Tito Contactors. He worked for this company for two years, managing its accounting department and other areas as the Vice President of Operations.

Kevin has said that at RPS Solutions he and his staff work with a lot of first time homebuyers. They seek to provide affordable homes that meet peoples financial needs as well as their desire to own a home.

He has also said that its the mission of the company to help people buy a home that they’re proud of. To further publicize the mission of RPS Solutions, Seawright has appeared on Baltimore television and radio shows including the Larry Young Morning Show.

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