Bleach is an action and horror anime series. The anime TV series is based on the manga comics from renowned artist Tite Kubo. Bleach is based in a world where evil spirits and souls roam the world. The main protagonist of the series is a soul reaper or Shinigami, which translates to death god. Shinigami protect earth from lost souls that cannot rest, which are called hollows. All Shinigami have zanpakuto, a soul cutting katana. The zanpakuto reflects the soul and personality of its wielder. Most of the antagonists in Bleach are hollows. Hollows need to be killed or purified lest they feed on living souls. Hollows are created when a soul is overwhelmed by negative emotions. Other hollows can also forcibly convert a soul into a hollow. A more advanced form of hollow is the arrancar. The arrancar has Shinigami powers giving it a humanoid appearance and enhanced combat abilities.

Ichigo Kurosaki is the hero and protagonist of the Bleach series. Ichigo is a normal teenager who obtains Shinigami powers after encountering another Soul Reaper known as Rukia Kuchiki. Ichigo’s family was attacked by a hollow. Rukia came to rescue them and got injured. She then transferred her powers to Ichigo to help him save his family, this came at the cost of her own powers. Ichigo is at odds with the Soul Society, which is in charge of the Soul Reapers because it is a crime to give Shinigami powers to human beings. Ichigo is helped to hone his Soul Reaper powers by Uryu Ishida, an archer who hunts hollows.  Bleach definitely belongs on any list of anime, if you haven’t seen it already.