There new and exciting things happening in the aviation industry, especially when it comes to technology. Technology seems to be playing a more present role in the way that things are being done when it comes to air travel. Jason Hope explains in a recent article in the Wings Journal that IOT technology is going to flourish in the coming years. His article, “Tapping in: Jason Hope Reveals How IOT Is Revamping the Airline Industry” helps readers understand some of the changes that will take place within this popular mode of travel. It seems that the use of technology will continue to make life easier, and now it’s coming into the airport system.

For anyone that does not understand what IOT is, it is a collection of all the items that have been connected to one another through the Internet. Quite simply, IOT stands for The Internet of Things. These IOT devices are able to communicate with one another and provide almost constant information. This can have astounding implications for the safety of the airline industry. Such devices can help staff monitor the engine during a long flight or the condition of safety equipment within the plane itself. If they are able to get an early read on some of this degeneration, then they can replace them and prevent catastrophes. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward.

Another way that IOT is poised to overhaul the airline industry is in the customer service realm. IoT devices will make it easier for travelers to check into their flights. Jason Hope explains that these devices may even make it possible for travelers to be tracked throughout the airport and then communicate back to the staff where they are located. This may mean that some flights can be held for a few minutes while a traveler arrives, or they can make judgment calls based on that traveler’s position in the airport.

For Jason Hope, this is a great opportunity for humanity to build their existence alongside the art of technology. These devices are already making life easier for travelers in these airports, but he believes that they will reach another level in the coming future. Jason Hope, as a well-renowned futurist, is letting travelers know that becoming familiar with the IOT will help increase the pleasure they receive while traveling through the airline system. He foresees that such devices will make the entire endeavor more personalized and pleasurable for everyone involved.

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