MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization which strives to empower dentists. The front has helped a countless number of dentists get on their feet and on with their career. To do so, MB2 provides them with an office and with the appropriate equipment needed to get started with the dental practice.

100% Autonomous

Yes, a dental surgeon gets fully funded by the organization, but this should not be translated to mean that they work for MB2. No, they remain 100% autonomous. The members stand to walk away with a bag full of perks and rewards.

Workshops and Seminars

For instance, all associate dentists get taught on new trends and developments in their field through seminars. Regular workshops are being held to educate them and help them advance their careers quicker.

Vision and Mission

According to White Pages, the vision of MB2 Dental is to furnish the dental practitioners with everything they require. Once the professionals have everything, then it becomes easier for them to concentrate on helping their patients’ oral concerns entirely. The organization also assists the experts to make critical strategic decisions about their career.

Here are the top services offered by MB2 to dental experts:-

  • Marketing
  • Debt Collections and Billing
  • I.T Support
  • Recruiting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Compliance
  • Training

About MB2 Dental Solutions

The company got founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. Dr. Chris has a favorite saying which goes, “MB2 Dental is about doctors investing in fellow physicians. Together we stand to accomplish more than would have been the case working independently.” The organization currently has offices in states like New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Alaska, and Oklahoma.


The underlying philosophies guiding the practice of the establishment anchor on the following core values. Excellence, integrity, teamwork, and innovation. In tandem with that, the staff at the group are renowned for their polite and transparent ways.

The company regularly holds team building events whereby the employees spend the entire day out having fun.

About MB2

The consultancy has a staff estimated to stand at between 500-1000 individuals. Visit their official website and learn more about the career opportunities available for qualified affiliates. Follow them on the social media scene and stay informed in real-time about all their activities and news.

Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://thecdigroup.com/portfolio/mb2dental-solutions/