Michael Lacey is an American mathematician born in 1959.Lacey Received his B. S in mathematics from Texas University and his Ph.D. from University of Illinois Urbano Champaign in 1987 under his mentor Walter Phillip. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

During his study to acquire a Ph.D., Lacey did a thesis in the area of probability in Banach Spaced and helped solve the problem of iterated Logarithm for characteristic empirical functions. He was later involved in coming up with ergodic theory and harmonic analysis.

Lacey began his career at Louisiana State University Baton Rouge as an assistant professor in 1987, a role he took for about a year before moving to the University of North Carolina in 1988 still as an Assistant Professor.

He later moved to Indiana University at Bloomington and then became an associate professor without tenure at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.Lacey became a full professor in Georgia in the year 2001.Lacey has held other short time and visiting positions at the University of Minnesota,Wallenberg fellow,the IPAM program on Geometric analysis,Center for advanced study and visiting professor at Helsinki University among other institutions.

Michael Lacey has more than 100 publications to his name, and he mentors undergraduate and postgraduate students. He works closely with organizations to be able to publicize his works. The organization includes Australian research council,NSF individual Grant,Simons foundations among others.

On his mentorship role, the students speak highly of him and attribute their success in mathematics to his guidance and motivation. Lacey has also addressed several gatherings including the frontiers integrals at the American Institute,lectures at Beijing Normal university among others. Lacey has also held editorial positions in the American mathematical society and journal of geometric analysis.

Michael has received several honors including the American mathematical society fellow,simons fellow,Georgia Tech NSF mentoring award,Guggenheim fellow among other recognition. Lacey has gone up and above in his achievements as a mathematics fellow.

He has not only achieved but also helped his students reach the peak. Lacey has beyond doubt made it in his area of expertise.

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