The Orange Coast College rowers display their enthusiastic spirit, strong determination, and undeniable teamwork as they compete in the 2017 American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship in Gainesville, GA. Rowing against some of the top four year colleges and universities, such as University of Oregon and University of California, Davis, the OCC rowing team is not very well known, yet. Learn more:


The team captain is Daniel Amado a graduate of Los Alamitos High School, which is located in Los Alamitos a small city in Orange County, California. Amado pledges that rowing develops mental toughness and physical stamina. He is living proof of this, while in high school he broke a disk in his back but was able to overcome his injury and is now continuing to participate and be a leader in his sport. Learn more:


Steve Morris is the assistant coach to the men’s team. The team practices at Newport Harbor, 6:30 AM, six days each week spanning from August through May. The OCC crew trains and stores their equipment at the David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center. The center also provides physical training, classroom learning, workshops, along with several offices.


Costa Mesa is a Southern California beach community and it is also where Orange Coast College’s campus is located. The community college is strong with more than 25,000 students enrolling each semester. The OCC operates all four seasons, year round and Western Association of Schools and Colleges has them fully accredited.


​​​​​​​​​Orange Coast College is the number one community college in Orange County that consistently moves their students on to further education in the California State University system. With a robust educational platform and a quiet but strong rowing program the OCC’s rowing athletes are stand out students, tough competitors, and proud representatives of the OCC at the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship.