Review of UK’s Utility Warehouse

Established back in 2002, Utility Warehouse has joined the ranks of other six energy firms across the United Kingdom. 2013 saw the company buy two subsidiary companies from energy company Npower. This move would later see the company rise to become the 7th largest private energy company in the UK in that year. The firm currently boasts of over 650,000 customers enjoying its multiple services, all of which are narrowed down into one bill. Consolidating all these bills has significantly benefited families, saving them time and money through simplified services. 

Utility Warehouse has a rather unconventional marketing strategy. The company relies majorly on its 45,000 agents and client referrals. These individuals are offered various incentives to bring onboard new clients. 

Aside from electricity and gas, the company is also known for services such as broadband, home phone, mobile and home insurance. All these services are charged under one monthly bill, with customers with more packages getting discounts on the charges. Utility Warehouse has also been replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs free of charge for clients subscribed to all the services or those taking the energy bundle. 

Utility Warehouse customers are also given cashback cards that warn them of a 7% refund for shopping in an assortment of shops and online stores. This refund is then deducted from your monthly bills. 

Out of 25 energy companies across the country, Utility Warehouse was rated 7th by more than 7,460 members of the public who participated in an annual energy customer survey. Utility performed excellently in two of the four aspects of service, with the other two tests the firm being rated fair. However, back in 2018, the company topped the energy ranking to receive the Utilities Brand of the Year. This award was in recognition of its broadband, mobile and energy services. Its exemplary service would later see the company win the award again in 2020 due to the ease and clarity of its billing process

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