Robert Bull revolutionary bungalows for senior citizens

RoyaleLife gets headed by one of the distinguished business magnets who acts as the company Chief Executive Officer, Robert Bull. The company is well known for providing super-designed bungalows for senior citizens aged 45 and above. With Robert Bull at the helm of these companies, the entire construction and property industry has witnessed a revolutionary lifestyle dubbed the Bungalow lifestyle. The company is committed to providing luxurious, gated community single-storey bungalows located in lovely and exciting places.

RoyaleLife pioneered a revolutionary program that is unique when it comes to home acquisition. The Home Exchange Scheme offers some quite exciting propositions to homeowners by allowing them to acquire the property at 100% current market value. The above scheme saves potential buyers a significant amount of money when purchasing a house using this scheme. The company has partnered with local banks and other financial institutions that finance the property on behalf of the buyer.

It operates an open policy kind of system where there is no hidden cost either from the RoyaleLife or the financial institutions they have an agreement with. The company takes care of the estate agent’s fees, solicitor fees, and stamp duty fees on behalf of the buyer. The owner occupies a fully furnished home equipped with state-of-the-art electrical appliances.

Since taking up the leadership role of this company, Robert Bull has implemented significant projects, most importantly expanding on their construction segment. Currently, the company surfaces close to 64 projects at various stages and phases of development, from planning to action.

Robert Bull has maintained a visionary drive and outlook for the company. He is mainly known for his incredible business insights that have shaped the entire construction industry in the United Kingdom. The company is a family business that got established in 1945. For decades, the company has maintained a solid reputation in construction and other companies they have engaged in over time. Go here for more information

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