Often times, people use the terms business owner and entrepreneur interchangeably. The truth is that while there is overlap in the two, there are differences. Sawyer Howitt explains the differences. For one thing, an entrepreneur is not necessarily a business owner. However, he does work for himself and depends on a different source of income. The same is true vice versa.

One thing that Sawyer Howitt makes clear is that it is better to be an entrepreneur than a mere business owner. One of the reasons is that the entrepreneur takes deep enjoyment from his work while the business owner just does what he does for money.

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According to blogwebpedia.com, one of the issues that come with merely being a business owner and not an entrepreneur is that business owners typically base their business on what they think other people want as opposed to what they themselves are passionate about. This often comes from the assumptions that no one else is going to share their passion and that they are truly the odd man out. However, there is a market for everything. People can also create a market for anything simply because they are passionate about it and it shows. Sawyer Howitt has chosen to pursue what he is passionate about.

Another key point about being an entrepreneur is that they tend to work harder than the business owner simply because they are doing what they are passionate about and are enjoying the process. Meanwhile the business owner is just going through the motions with the hopes of making money. When thinking about what Sawyer Howitt has said about being an entrepreneur, a mere business owner might as well be an employee. So for people who are choosing whether to be a business owner or an entrepreneur, the better choice is the latter because one will be putting in more work towards something that will bring him life.

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