Securus Technologies has managed to combine innovation along with technology in order to revolutionize the safety levels inside prisons. This has helped in taking public safety to completely new levels.


Securus Technologies is using information which they gather about their customers. This is used for solving crimes and even preventing them from happening in the first place. I have seen how the jails have become safer due to this reason.


There is a lot of appreciation being received by Securus Technologies for all the products and services being provided by them. There are formal letters, besides emails that are pouring in all the time in their offices. They are from jail officials who are located in various parts of the country. Their task is to prevent any crimes which may be happening inside prisons. In addition, their task is to resolve any unsolved crimes of the past too. The incarceration environment can become safer this way only.


There are telephone calls being recorded, and this data is being maintained at the backend by Securus Technologies. These give information about any unlawful activities that may be going on inside jails. It can refer to threats, unrest or any such unlawful activity. It also gives information about any contraband that may be coming inside the prison. Besides, the authorities are using this data to know about any jail officials who may be involved in any illegal practices inside the jail. In fact, all this has led to several warrants being issued and people being nabbed red-handed.


Securus Technologies is always developing new products or services. Or else, it can be some new feature that may be getting added to their existing products. All this is the result of feedback being received from their customers who are the jail and prison officials.