Kenneth Goodgame is the chief merchandising officer and senior vice president of the successful True Value Hardware Corporation. He has been significantly associated with success in Operations Management. According to Citrite, Kenneth Goodgame has managed to successfully turn around falling firms by the use of combined business strategies such as ensuring excellent financial oversight and innovative marketing. With great expertise, Mr. Goodgame has taken on several firms regardless of their sizes.

His Career

Goodgame started his career in 1994 at Home Depot. He served in different posts and was later on promoted to a higher position of senior global product merchant in 2001. Kenneth left the firm for Newell Rubbermaid where he served till 2001. At Newell Rubbermaid, he served as the general manager and the president until 2004.

He was thereafter elected as the senior vice president in charge of marketing and sales. In 2008, he left the company for Techtronic industries where he served as the president. Later in 2010, he joined Ace Hardware where he worked till 2013 as the general merchandising manager.

His Accomplishments at True Value Hardware

Kenneth Goodgame was named CMO and SVP of True Value Hardware Corporation in 2013 and has managed to accomplish incredible feats at the company since then. Goodgame ompletely changed the purchasing department of the firm and recruited almost half of the working team in that department. Under his direction, the buying team has risen to 10% from 2% savings in purchasing costs.

Being a risk taker, Kenneth Goodgame rebuilt the whole of True Value’s merchandising team. Currently he serves as the head of international sourcing, labeling, pricing, marketing and sourcing at True Value Hardware Corporation.


The main key ingredient in Kenneth Goodgame’s success is employee participation. He ensures that every employee at True Value Hardware knows their worth in the team and also focuses at attaining a common goal. Mr. Goodgame ensures every person is answerable for all actions within the firm. Despite the many challenges in his road to success, Kenneth Goodgame has been able to achieve lots of success as an experienced professional.

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